Genomic Solutions Collaboration Program

Genomics Collaboration and Grant Program ScientistVision: Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is committed to solving research challenges by helping labs optimize their workflows and applications.

Mission: Leverage our scientific knowledge, expertise and reagent solutions; the Collaboration Program will empower collaborators to accelerate answers to their most perplexing questions.

Who we are: Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is a group of scientists who are passionate about talking science with others, developing new applications, and challenging traditional workflows.

Why is it important: With unique access to our reagent solutions and networks, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences collaborators can cultivate their innovations in a fast and dynamic way.

How to collaborate: Complete the form below and one of our experts will reach out to you.


How the Collaboration Program Works

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1. Discussion

  • Potential collaborator shares research goals and needs
  • Discuss potential collaboration projects
  • If the goals of both parties align, we agree to move forward

2. Proposal and Work Plan

  • Draft actionable proposal and review
  • Generate action plan and review
  • Propose work plan
  • Sign agreement


3. Execution and Delivery

  • Develop and conduct experiment
  • Analyze and review data
  • Create and deliver content


Collaboration Format and Channels


  • Showcase via testimonials
  • Application note/poster/seminars
  • White paper
  • Peer-reviewed paper
Handshake Icon, Danaher Mergers, Acquisitions 

Delivery methods:

  • Website and online presence
  • Conferences, trade shows, vendor shows
  • Journal ads
  • Physical advertisements

Complete the Form to Collaborate