MET ONE Facility Monitoring System (FMS) Software

MET ONE 3400 with Simply Paperless

Get 21 CFR Part 11 compliant secure records directly from your portable air particle as an easily parsed CVS or XML format or via a secure PDF. Available as a field upgrade to your 3400 series air particle counter. Offers direct upload of files via secure FTP protocol or via USB thumb drive download.

enVigil PnP

Monitors up to 10 non-viable air particle counters and 10 viable air sampling heads for rapid set up and configuration of a small FMS for use in biosafety containment hoods and on aseptic fill lines. Provides 21 CFR Part 11 compliant security and audit trail with one click reporting.

  • Configure a compliant monitoring system in minutes utilizing an easy-to-use wizard
  • Monitors up to 20 locations on a single screen
  • Provide secure operations using Windows user names and passwords
  • Includes system validation documents
  • Reporting and data export
  • Supports alarm panels
  • Supports digital IO and analog environmental sensors (RH/Temp, Delta P)

MET ONE Data Management Server

Connects to remote and portable MET ONE air particle counters to automatically gather records, store them in a secure SQL database, and provide access to them via SQL queries or OPC connections to outside software. Also offers automatically generated custom reports to facilitate 24/7 monitoring output.

  • Compatible with all MET ONE air particle counters
  • Enables capture of enhanced features beyond just particle counts (flow, calibration dates, location, batch IDs etc.)
  • Compatible with most OPC clients
  • Enable secure data integration to your ERP, BMS, LIMS or other enterprise network solution
  • SQL database enables simple integration and report building (simple reporting available directly from the system)


MET ONE Solution  Pharmaceutical Application  Industrial Application  Recommended Maximum Nonviable Sampling Locations  Recommended Maximum Viable Sampling Locations  IQ/OQ Available 
MET ONE 3400 Simply Paperless

• Secure PDF straight from the counter
• Automatic transfer via S/FTP to your server
• Supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

 • Easy to parse text file straight from the counter
• Automatic transfer via S/FTP to your server
• Easy access to quality data
 Portable to 999 locations  N/A  Yes
MET ONE Data Management System  • Gathers data from multiple portable and remote air particle counters
• Stores data in a SQL database for simple retrieval or report generation
• Provides OPC tags for industrial automation integration
• Secure System for data storage and access
 250  N/A  Yes
enVigil PnP  Easy to operate User Interface for small scale systems
• Single click reports
• Automatic audit logging
• Ideal for biosafety containment hoods
• Enables 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
 • Simple 24/7 monitoring, logging, and reporting
• Provide user alarms on screen or via email or text message
• Export raw data to Excel for further analysis
 10  10  Yes