Beckman Coulter China

China Office

Beckman Coulter Commercial Enterprise (China) Co., Ltd
Life Sciences Division
5/F, Block 518, Fuquan North Road,
Changning District, Shanghai
People’s Republic of China
Postal Code: 200335

Phone: 86-21-38651000
Fax: 86-21-68753929
Product Inquiry: 400-821-8899
Service Inquiry: 400-885-5355 / 800-820-5355


General Inquiries

Main Line: 400-821-8899

Customer Service, Technical Support & Service Agreements

Beckman Coulter, Life Sciences
5/F, Building 2,
518 North Fuquan Road, IBP,
Changning District
People’s Republic of China
Postal Code: 200335
Telephone: (86) 4008855355
(86) 8008205355 (Toll-free)

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