A-1000XP TOC Analyzer

The A-1000XP offers Total Organic Carbon detection at levels as low as 0.02 ppb TOC (parts per billion) with a resolution of 0.001 ppb allowing detection of even the smallest TOC changes within water systems, making it sensitive enough for the most demanding high-purity water applications.

  • Dynamic end-point detection
  • Convenient serial, analog & digital interfacing
  • Portable sensors

Documentation and Application Notes

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A-1000XP Features


  • Stable reporting resolutions to 0.001 ppb (parts per billion) TOC for maximum sensitivity 
  • Stopped flow & photocatalytic oxidation
  • Handles capacities of thousands of liters per minute
  • Onboard printer

Tabulated Data Output

  • TOC in ppb
  • % of user-set alarm value
  • Trend in ppb/h
  • Water resistivity (Mohm-cm)
  • Temperature (°C)
  • Curve/profile type (P1, P2, P3) for organics present

Flexible Data Collection

  • Networking capability for direct immediate readings of TOC levels through entire water system
  • Flexible controller locations (at water facility or remote location) 
  • Centralized data output in convenient report format

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Product Specifications

Item Specifications Referenced FG1002301