Possibilitando pesquisas sobre COVID-19

Enquanto persistir a pandemia do SARS-CoV-2, a Beckman Coulter Life Sciences tem o firme compromisso de fazer com que seus clientes entendam mais sobre essa doença e avancem em suas tão necessárias descobertas. Por esse motivo, compilamos recursos e ferramentas relevantes para apoiar e facilitar sua pesquisa sobre a COVID-19.

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Understanding the Immune Response

Characterization of the immune response provides critical knowledge of cell phenotype and function that will enable development of therapies with the goal of modulating the immune response.
Novel Coronavirus nCoV 2019

Viral Isolation & Characterization

Workflow solutions for viral particle characterization including:

  • Viral particle isolation
  • Characterization at a genetic or whole particle level
  • Defining interaction partners
  • And more
Vaccine and Syringe Needle

Vaccine & Therapy Development

Workflow solutions for each step of the process of vaccine and therapy development:

  • Isolation and purification of biological molecules
  • Cell line development of cell lines
  • Screening of drugs
  • Efficacy/dosing studies
wastewater research

Wastewater Research

We provide a suite of technological solutions that can improve methods for detecting SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater systems. From concentrating samples with our centrifuges to extracting viral RNA with our reagents, our products empower researchers to detect viral RNA at both the cellular and molecular levels. 
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Customer Care

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is here for you in challenging times. Find:

  • Instrument decontamination instructions
  • Remote support through BeckmanConnect
  • On-Demand customer training
  • COVID-19 resources
  • And more

Biosafety Cabinet and Cleanroom Air Safety Monitoring

Routine environmental air particle monitoring plans designed to monitor the air quality of biosafety cabinets and cleanrooms, both to protect the cleanroom staff and the product as well, are tailored to individual cleanrooms and processes and are created through a risk assessment carried out by the cleanroom owner. There are a few guidelines in GMP Annex 1 and CGMP for us to follow for routine environmental particulate monitoring. Learn more.

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